Saturday, 27 February 2021 @ 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM

Business House Australia is proud to present a full day investment seminar, to be held in the Riverbank Rooms 2-3, Adelaide Convention Centre on Saturday, 27th February 2021.

In these days of low deposit rates, it will surprise you to learn that there are some amazing opportunities out there that will give you very satisfying returns on your funds invested. You just have to know where to look. This seminar pulls together a highly respected group of experts in their particular field, who will open your eyes to solid investment options you may never heard of, or perhaps never seriously considered. With the recent crash in Reserve Bank cash rates from 0.25% to 0.10%, this seminar will be a must attend for SMSF trustees, investment fund managers, or anyone seeking an improved return on their savings.




  1. Early bird closes 15 December @ 12:00 am midnight.
  2. Includes morning/afternoon tea, lunch and a post-event drink voucher.
  3. Early bird parking available @ $16.


Topic: How to maximise your returns investing in a hedge fund.

Mr. Yang graduated from the University of Adelaide with a degree in Commerce majoring in International Business.
With years of experience in managing multi-million dollar investors accounts, Laurence will talk about some of the important factors that contributed to his company’s success in generating double-digit returns consistently, and how you can apply these criteria when selecting a fund manager:
  1. Have a global perspective, diversify across asset classes and countries
  2. Solid risk management (very important)
  3. At least 1 year of verifiable track record
  4. Optimal investment management and fee structure
  5. A match between investor’s financial objective and fund’s redemption/withdrawal rules

– Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Laurence Holdings Group Limited

Topic: How to positively gear yourself in the UK Property Market

Pachira Property is a property investment company that specialises in the UK market, providing investors with ‘hands off’ investment opportunities so they too can benefit from one of the worlds best property investment markets.

Managing Director, Alex Smith, will explore why the UK property market is such an attractive market for investors, offering high capital appreciation and cash flow positive opportunities, in a safe and time-tested market.

“As one of the top 5 countries for capital appreciation opportunities and the best market for cash flow positive investments, the UK is a great investment option. Our goal is to help people benefit from these opportunities through easy ‘hands off’ investment strategies.”

– Managing Director, Pachira Property Limited

Topic: Selecting & managing your investment property

Suzanna’s has deep roots in real estate and her passion got the better of her when moving into Real Estate professionally ten years ago. Within two years of entering the industry, Suzanna became the State Manager of the South Australian branch of Empire Property Investors and led a team of property consultants, helping clients to get started in property investment. She then joined Refined Real Estate and won the “New Talent Award” within the first 6 months, and the “Highest Number of Sales Award” within eighteen months in 2014.
She started her own Boutique company Meier Paul Real Estate in 2014 specialising in residential sales and property management and continues to offer her clients best customer service experience beyond expectations.

She has managed the marketing and sales of various properties/projects from multi-million dollar projects/homes to small units. She is highly skilled in delivering a reliable and transparent service  to her clients backed by passion and excellent customer service. Suzanna has helped buyers in finding a suitable property and advised hundreds of vendors and developers in presenting or designing their home to suit the property market.

In 2020 Meier Paul Real Estate was an award finalist in the Real Estate Business Awards for
boutique independent of the year for three or less offices. The award showcases the industry’s most prestigious accolades recognising excellence amongst Australia’s leading real estate professionals and industry.

Suzanna is therefore highly credentialed to present the do’s and dont’s of real estate investment.

– Principal, Meier Paul Real Estate

Topic: Property Development using SMSF funding for high returns

Anthea Greig of Urban Infill Group started making money from property in 2007 with a corner block subdivision and renovation of the existing house. From there she has proceeded to developed multiple sites, sold house and land packages, built and renovated properties, and contracted and assigned properties for profit. Over the last 13 years Anthea has co-ordinated 25 projects resulting in over 100 New homes, renovated homes or new land allotments, both in joint ventures and solo.
Anthea teaches land division and small scale developments at WEA, and also co-ordinates
property meetings bringing together speakers on all topics relating to property and providing valuation information and education for attendees who invest in property in various ways.
In 2019 Anthea was awarded the Master Builders Association HiViz Women Building SA –

Women in Construction Award for her achievements and contribution to the industry.
In addition she is a self employed mortgage broker with a credit licence so understands
how the financing of developments is a vital part of leveraging.

– Founder, Urban Infill Group

Topic: Investing in pooled management funds

Link Capital is a South Australia based private investor group that has a portfolio of first mortgages over real property. Its investment objective is to provide investors with consistent and regular income returns as well as capital stability. Max has worked in the banking and finance industry for forty three years, including twenty four years where he rose to the position of Commercial lending manager for Westpac.

– General Manager, Link Capital Holdings Pty Ltd

Topic: Pink Diamonds – Historical performance & impact on values on the closure of the Argyle Mine

Pink Diamond Capital is a South Australian diamond investment firm that helps investors acquire rare Australian mined Argyle Pink Diamonds as a high capital growth asset for their portfolio. They provide clients with an end-to-end bespoke investment service; from acquisition, to secure logistics, independent valuations, storage & insurance solutions, and selling when the time comes.
They are experienced in helping clients achieve their unique investment strategy goals. All Argyle Pink Diamonds are personally selected by their in-house GAA certified diamond specialist customised to each client’s investment strategy.

Company Founder Eric Kariuki is an Australian citizen who was born and raised in Kenya. He migrated to Australia in 2006 as an international student.
He completed a Bachelor of Applied Science degree at the University of South Australia and later completed an Advanced Practical Diamond Grading qualification with the Gemmological Association of Australia, certifying him as a Diamond Specialist.
Eric is passionate about helping others get what they want in life and founded Pink Diamond Capital to help clients secure their wealth through a high capital growth asset that can be enjoyed now and passed on to the next generation.
He understands the value of building a legacy for loved ones and is honoured to be part of his clients journeys.
Eric is focused on making a difference for people to grow their wealth which then allows him to make a difference in the community – specifically in the lives of vulnerable children. Eric met his wife Katie in Australia and together have two biological children, and are foster parents to
three children.

– Director & Principal Diamond Specialist, Pink Diamond Capital

Topic: Gold & Silver – One for the History Books

As Good As Gold Australia launched mid 2013 trading in precious metals and bullion, initially, with a few close friends but quickly developed momentum with strong referral activity, into an energetic, robust, business operation.
The co-founders, two brothers, that had taken a two year break after having had a very successful 30 year stint in engineering and international marketing, were up and running, following their passion – Gold and Silver. This was a new and exciting business, yet it was not a new interest. Both brothers had been seriously committed silver investors since 1997, and had invested countless hours researching and investigating how the western world had got itself into a deplorable position of debt, based on a policy of deficit spending.

It was clear, that for the world to heal itself, it would have to restore its faith in world currencies by backing them with gold, as it had done for over 3000 years. They determined that silver was a far better option than any other precious metal because it was in incredibly high demand and yet so undervalued. The partners at As Good As Gold Australia believe that we all need to engage in continually upgrading our monetary knowledge, as we attempt to educate our fellow man into understanding the global financial process that law makers investigate to control our standard of living and the quality of our very existence.

The growth since the inception of As Good As Gold Australia had been both exceptional and yet humbling. From a starting point of marketing just the one silver coin, the Canadian Maple Leaf, As Good As Gold Australia now provides clients with an opportunity to source gold and silver from many countries around the world.

– Founder and Managing Director, As Good As Gold Australia

Topic: Australian Share Market & Exchange Traded Funds

Ord Minnett is a leading private wealth management group that provides advice and tailored investment solutions. Ords has more than $35 Billion in Funds Under Advice, managed by a team of experienced investment professionals focused on providing our clients with insights and guidance to build their assets. Focused on service excellence, Ord Minnett is a highly respected name in the Australian investment landscape.

– Senior Private Client Advisor, Ord Minnett

Topic: Financing your Investment

If you are seeking finance for your investment Matt is well versed as a broker in what the local banks will and won’t consider, which banks are open for business and which banks will make you work really hard for an approval.

– Director-Finance Consultant, Centrone Finance

Topic: Tax Considerations – Choosing the right structure

Peter started his accounting career in 1979 working with firms on Greenhill & Fullarton Roads in Adelaide. It was during the next 12 years that he learnt his trade being the preparation of all types of Income Tax Returns. In 1991 Peter commenced his own business and offers tax and accounting solutions that address business and individual circumstances. Peter will give his views on the various investment strategies presented today, and how differing strategies should be considered depending on the circumstances.

– Founder, Equity Flare Accountants

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